The Gentleman’s Room offers a host of professional services for you to choose from. We strive to provide each client with personalized service based on their needs. Our staff is committed to giving you the look that compliments your lifestyle. Founded by Mr. Ish Turner in 2005, we believe that you deserve more than just a haircut. We believe in giving our clients an experience. Imagine a place where your race or nationality doesn’t matter. A place where children are welcome, and a lobby separate from the cutting floor complete with plush leather chairs, flat screen TV, and massage chair to take away the tensions of the day. You deserve it, you work hard. Come in and surround yourself in a warm, calming atmosphere. All of our qualified Barbers and Hairstylists are great at what they do, “make you look good”. Any hairstyle from the most complicated to the most conservative cuts and styles are crafted with the best care possible.

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Chair Massage Get a nice cold beverage, grab a magazine, turn to you favorite channel or just close your eyes, lean back and let this chair massage away all your thoughts and concerns. From your calves to the back of head this chair takes care of you. Massage is one of the healthiest ways of releasing unwanted tension. Today’s world is filled with stress which strongly affects our emotional and physical well-being. The Gentleman’s Room offers chair massage, immediately decreasing stress and can be a natural pain relief and headache relief remedy. Massage is a low risk and highly effective form of treatment.

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